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For many years, I have worked as a PHP developer, but I have started to gravitate more toward front end development to become more marketable. One of the tools I have really fallen for is ReactJS. So I am wanting to share the love with everyone at large and my future web development students at JCCC, where I sometimes teach continuing education classes.

React provides a powerful modular approach to building web application interfaces that is very elegant and in my opinion, intuitive. If you have a background in JavaScript, React is a must for your consideration. You can read more about Facebook's ReactJS here.

React has two ways in which it can be utilized. It can be used by standard inclusion in an HTML document and also via NodeJS/NPM, which is preferred for development. Using it like conventional JavaScript is pretty simple in that you just include it's scripts in your page. With the usage of hosted scripts, you can add a reference quickly without even having to download t…