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One of my recent projects has been to setup Linux on an Intel NUC. I think what I love the most about the NUC is it's size and it's full Intel processor. I have been playing with a lot of Raspberry Pi projects that have an ARM processor base, but really wanted the full power of a normal machine in a very small package. This is exactly what you get with the NUC. I use the NUC as both a desktop and also a test web server.

While not too difficult a task to setup, doing so is not without some challenges. So I am documenting it in hope of providing some help to others. Firstly, note that I will be utilizing Linux Xubuntu to setup the system as I don't use Windows. If you are using Windows, this may only be helpful to understand something of the process. Secondly, I am installing Xubuntu on the NUC, as it successfully recognizes the networking hardware without issue and also has a strong boot loader that does not fail on the NUC (Several other distros failed in both of these re…